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Sweater Update

Fungi3Now that I’ve finally reached the armholes it feels like I will actually be able to finish this sweater.  The plan is for a raglan sleeve and there is a 10-stitch steek at each armhole.  I want solid black sleeves so those will be knit up separately and sewn into the arm holes at finishing.

My biggest concern is that the solid black sleeves will knit up at a different gauge than the color-stranded fabric and therefore will not join up nicely to the body.   But, for now, I’m going to finish the body and worry about the sleeves when I get to them.

I’ve only cut open one steeked project in my life.  I used the sewing machine to secure the steeks first.  This time around I want to use the crochet chain method.  Only a couple of days until I can try it out!

17 thoughts on “Sweater Update”

  1. Steeking! Yikes!! Good luck, I’m to scared to try that one… I think black sleeves is a good idea, it’ll blance it out. The sweater is coming along great.


  2. I can’t wait to see the finished sweater! Your gauge will definitely be different with the solid color arms… I would knit the first row on the size you are using now and then switch to smaller needles to get the right gauge. Good luck! 🙂


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