Mo’ Monsters

SAMSUNGThese little monsters are addictive!  I’ve avoided knitting softies in the past because I felt that my kids were too old for them.  However, my teenage daughter adores these little guys.

There is yet another monster on my needles at the moment.  I don’t know when I will get back to my mushroom sweater.  These toys are a perfect stash buster and knit up in a flash.  I can get two little monsters out of an odd skein of sock yarn.  And, the bigger guy takes a couple of balls of worsted weight left overs.  (50g each)

My dog seems to really want one of these for himself.  I’m not sure I’m willing to let him chew up some of my hard work, but I’m thinking about it.  🙂


16 thoughts on “Mo’ Monsters”

    1. 🙂 I know what you mean! There’s an absurd amount of yarn stashed away in my house too! It’s especially hard to figure out what to do with leftovers from projects like sweaters or socks! And, there reaches a point when no one in my life wants or needs another hat or pair of mittens. 🙂


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