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Slow Progress

FungiSlow2This past week has been tough on my knitting.  I’m in the process of house buying and it’s time-consuming and stressful.  But I’ve managed about 5 more inches on this piece nonetheless.

I’m fairly close to breaking my monogamous knitting habit and starting a second project just to break up the monotony.  I’m afraid if I do start another project, I will never come back and complete this one!

15 thoughts on “Slow Progress”

      1. With all the stranding in that weight of yarn, I’ll give you the win in the Tedious category. 🙂 But at 85″ in length and 20″ of width in linen stitch at 17 ROWS per inch, I think my Vancouvers will take Silver. One down, half of one to go. Race ya!


      2. Wow. That’s a marathon project!! And with the linen stitch too! I gave up on a scarf that used the linen stitch. It was beautiful but I think it’s more tedious than color stranding so you win in both categories! 🙂


  1. I am truly not a fan of knitting one project at a time. I usually have several different types of projects going – I have my socks (usually 2 or 3 pairs at a time, at different points) that are great to just shove in my pocketbook for a “just in case I have down time” project. I have a couple sweaters for car-ride knitting, or basketball game knitting, you get the idea, and then I have random other things, like boot cuffs and scarves for when I get frustrated. I am always in awe of people whose attention span lets them stick to one at a time.


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