Sock Yarn = Snail’s Pace

FungiSlowThe pictured piece of fabric has taken 10+ hours to produce.  Normally, I’d be done with the body and have a sleeve started at this point.  I really, really hope I love this sweater when it’s finished.  At least the lightweight fabric will be nice for the spring… if I have it done by then.

I’m still not sure I’m digging the rainbow backdrop with all the little mushrooms.  However, my 13 YO daughter says she’ll take the sweater if I don’t want it.  🙂

Here’s the color chart for the mushrooms, should anyone else want to knit some of these little guys:


20 thoughts on “Sock Yarn = Snail’s Pace”

    1. Thanks!

      On the subject of speed… I watched the “world’s fastest knitter” explain her technique for fast knitting online. I tried to recreate her movements which helped me with my speed a little but there’s just no way I could ever move my hands that fast and not screw up my knitting.


      1. I saw that youtube with the fastest knitter, too! I thought I was pretty fast, but I was nowhere near her. There’s also a very good youtube with the Yarn Harlot. She holds her needles in a way that I don’t think I ever could.


  1. I feel you when you say how slowly the sweater is coming along. I made a baby blanket with a 4ply yarn once and MY did that seem to take FOREVER! What didn’t help was I was in a rush to get the blanket completed in time for the baby’s birth. I didn’t make it in the end, but better late than never. I since learnt that 8ply is a much better choice 😀 My current baby blanket project uses 8ply and is knitting up much faster than the 4ply. Treat it as a project of patience 😉 I think it’s a waste to take it off the needles now, not just ‘cos of the effort you’ve already put in, but also because I think the pattern is looking lovely.


    1. Wow. A whole baby blanket must have taken months! I’ll bet it was beautiful!

      I think you’re right… and I’m feeling committed to finishing this one, even if it takes a whole month or longer.


  2. I have always wanted to try color work like this but it has seemed like it would be qutie time consuming. Your post confirms this, but doesn’t remove the desire. Beautiful work!!!


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