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Bottom Up with Set In Sleeves?

TulliaJoinOnly half a sleeve is left before all the pieces will be joined and I’m not sure what technique is going to be used for the yoke.  My tried and true method is the raglan decrease but I’m itching to try out the set-in sleeve method.  I’ve got a vague idea of how to achieve this look and I’ve spent quite a bit of time plotting out different scenarios on paper.

TulliaJoin2I’m really happy with the subtle bell shape of the sleeves.  I do think it will contribute greatly to the flowing feeling I want the cardigan to have.

The yardage is looking good.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have enough for the collar and a couple of after-thought pockets.  Has anyone else tried a bottom-up sweater with set-in sleeves?  I’d love to hear about your experience with this method!

8 thoughts on “Bottom Up with Set In Sleeves?”

  1. I seem to favor making Raglans myself, but I love the look of set-in sleeves. I was just today looking at my new copy of Finish Free Knits by Kristen TenDyke, and she has a couple of lovely sweaters knit bottom-up with knitted-in set-in sleeves (Trust and Beauty), as well as an instructive feature page on the theory and technique of knitting set-in sleeves with the body in the round. It looks promising! (As does your sweater-in-progress!)


    1. I’ve been wanting that book! It’s in my library queue and I’ve almost bought it at the store several times. I’m very curious how she solves the arm hole shaping issues. The only way I could get the right shaping was to decrease every row- which I always thought of as a no-no. But, it’s not looking bad and I’ve gotten to learn wrong-side decreases which has been fun.


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