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Shaping the Sleeve

TulliaBegs2The bottom of the sweater has been knitted and I’m blocking it just to make sure the dimensions are correct- and they are.  Yay!  I decided to not give it any shaping.  It’s going to hit the low hip and has just a small garter stitch edge.  Very minimalist.

TulliaBegsThe sleeves are going to be wide with a matching garter stitch edge but with a bit of shaping.  Not a lot, just a little to give the impression of a bell-shaped sleeve.  I’m hoping that it will look nice and give it some style.  Since I’ve broken one of my size 5 needles, I’m substituting a 4 because it’s all I have.  I’m keeping the size 5 on the side where the stitches are formed.  Hopefully, this won’t throw off my gauge.  *keeping fingers crossed*

And, I’m thinking a collar would be nice.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see where the sweater takes me and to see how much yarn I have left when I get there.  Pockets and collar are potential additions.

I don’t know if it’s bad luck to name the sweater before it’s finished, but I came across an old English name that seemed fitting:  Tullia.  Let’s hope Tullia isn’t a bust!  🙂

21 thoughts on “Shaping the Sleeve”

    1. It probably does! However, I’ve read that you can frog it, then soak the yarn and drip dry it to get it back to normal. If this sweater fails, I’ll get to try it out! 🙂


    1. 🙂 New needles are on the way, I just forgot to select the 2-day shipping option so who knows how long they will take to get here. The website says up to 14 days!! I can’t wait that long! lol. And, I ordered them in metal this time.


      1. 🙂 If I lived nearer, I would take you up on that offer! lol. I do have an odd pair of size 5 circulars but they are rubbery and sticky… and I hate knitting with them. I need to work on my needle collection! It would come in handy at times like these! Where do you find your old needles?


      2. I am on a personal mission to “rescue” pretty plastic and metal needles from any charity shop I can find with them.

        The best needle find was on, I bought a huge vintage boye needle stash for £20 from the US. I nearly wept with happiness when the box came.

        I’ll post some pictures tomorrow to show you!


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