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Cat Heel Redo

HipCat1If I had waited a few hours longer, I wouldn’t have had to rip back the heel and could have salvaged my striped heel.  marcaritaville gave a great suggestion about just turning the sock inside out and closing the holes with some extra stitching.  But, I didn’t wait and I ripped and reknitted in one color.  Oh well, at least there aren’t any holes now.

HipCat12I think the cat motif helps break up the banana feel that I was hating so much and it’s back to looking more retro and less overripe fruit.  Now, I just need to finish up the second sock.  Second sock syndrome is a real issue for knitters!  I’m daydreaming about my next project when I’ve got many hours left to go on the second sock.   🙂

HipCaCharttThe cat is a hit with my kids.  Even my husband says he’ll wear these guys out in public but we are admittedly a strange bunch.

Here’s a chart for those who would like a hipster cat of their own on a knitted item.


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