Hipster Cat Trouble

HipCatMy daughter loved the idea of these socks and the hipster cat that I plan on placing on the front leg.  But, as always with experimentations in knitting, there’s a hitch.  🙂

I thought the pinstripe effect would be neat surrounding the cat cameo and tried to carry the effect up the heel of the sock.  However, I’m getting holes all along the pick up line and I’m not sure how to overcome this problem.  As I was turning the heel, I began to think that I probably should have knitted the toe and heel in one color.HipCat2  Now, I’m sure I should have at least knitted the heel in one color.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and putting these aside for a little while.  These still might end up ripped out and forgotten but I’m going to see if there might be an easy solution to the holes problem.  But on the other hand, I’m not loving this color combo… which means I’m not really enjoying knitting this sock.  Initially, the colors seemed retro to me with the brown and harvest gold.  But, now, they just remind me of an over-ripe banana.  😦

12 thoughts on “Hipster Cat Trouble”

  1. I can definitely commiserate 🙂 with the colors that is. I have many a time decided I didn’t like the color combo I picked once I was halfway through! Maybe it’s just me, but I actually LIKE the yellow and brown or maybe it’s the stripes I always love stripes! On the subject of those holes, the pattern I am working from has you twist the stitch as you pick up the side stitches and it seemed to help eliminate the pesky holes. Good Luck!!!


    1. That’s a great suggestion! I’ve never thought to do that but I bet it does tighten it up. I’m going to try that with my next socks! For these, I already ripped out the heel and knitted it up in one color- brown.

      I’m glad you like the colors. 🙂 Now that I’ve got the cat knitted up for one sock, the colors aren’t bothering me as much. But, I am having trouble getting motivated to complete the second sock.


  2. I am inherently lazy, and only rip out if absolutely unavoidable! I would turn those socks inside out, and with a needle, do something along the lines of a modified Kitchner Stitch to weave new “stitches” into the gaps. I adore the hipster cat!


    1. What a great suggestions! If hadn’t already ripped out the heel, I would definitely try this technique. Sometimes I forget that knitting is flexible and I can do things like sew holes closed!!


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