Pocket Bag- Take Two

Bees1My first attempt at a pocketed bag was a dismal failure.  The idea of abandoning the bag altogether had crossed my mind but the yarn was already out and I had a vague idea of how overcome some of my previous problems.

Step One:  Abandon the garter stitch rectangle bottom and start with Judy’s Magic Cast On.  This way, I can immediately start the pattern in the round.

bees2Step Two:  Increase each round at the ends to create stitches for the sides which consequently produced a lovely oval bottom for the bag.  While I was knitting the bottom, I was running different handle ideas through my mind and I remembered that I had these plastic handles stashed away.  I found them at a quilt store a few years ago and never found the right project.  Perhaps this will be the bag that they will belong to.  Time will tell.

bees3Step Three:  When desired increases have been made, continue knitting in the round until the desired pocket placement has been reached.  This is where I stopped and knitted up a pocket.  Stockinette is for the inside and I’ve added a bit of pattern to the top so it matches the bag when you peek inside the pocket.  The pocket looks funky and curled but because the yarn is acrylic it won’t block out so it’s going to have to stay this way until it gets stitched down in the inside of the bag.

bees4Step Four:  Knit across to the pocket placement, put number of pocket stitches on holder and start knitting instead from my newly created pocket.

So far, it’s going much better than my first attempt.  I’m not in love with it yet but I’m hoping that it’ll work out okay.  The plan is to rib the top of the pocket, add a couple of pleats to each side to narrow the top which will hopefully produce a rounded doctor’s bag look.  I’m not sure yet how I’m going to attach the handles.  And the last big question- to line it or not to line it?  I’m terrible at sewing irregular shapes but I love a lined bag.


11 thoughts on “Pocket Bag- Take Two”

  1. What a tricky little project! As a handbag maker, I’ve often flirted with the idea of knitting a bag but have never pulled the trigger. Maybe it’s time…?


    1. It is time! 🙂 Your handbags are gorgeous, BTW! Yeah, this handbag has been much more difficult than I originally thought. I’ve ripped it back completely once. And this morning I ripped out the top again and part of the pocket. But, I’m starting to like where it’s headed…


  2. Finding fabric I liked for the lining was the hardest thing for me, I hated everything. And all fabric is way expensive! My crochet bag cost £8 for the lining, £12 for the handles and £5 for the magnetic clasp. Just so I could finish up some leftover yarn lol


    1. I know what you mean! lol. Just this morning, I went to shop for the lining fabric and it was hard to match this weird bluish-green color. And, of course I needed some interfacing and magnetic closures and a new rotary blade… and this was clearance acrylic yarn!! 😀


  3. Good thing you didn’t just chuck the whole thing-it’s looking really good. Now I can’t wait to see it finished. I love the textured pattern you’re using.


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