Bag Fail

KnitBookI have this awesome book that I picked up from a used book store entitled “Big Book of Knitting”.  Sure, the colors are out of date and the intarsia patterns are reminiscent of those on the Cosby Show but there’s still a lot of wonderful information to be found inside its covers.  It was the section on pockets that inspired me to try a new project.

I have a confession- I’ve never knitted pockets and I’ve been dying to try out an invisible pocket technique.  Instead of knitting up a small piece of fabric and trying out this new skill like a sane person would, I decided to knit up an entire project on the fly and insert a few lovely pocket tricks.  A bag seemed like a great project for this.  Never mind that I’ve only knitted one successful bag and it was felted…

BagFailSo, I knit up a garter stitch rectangle and picked up stitches along the sides.  Then I cleverly made increases for a few rounds to give it that puffy big-bag look.  Oh, and I was going to keep the sides in moss stitch and the front and back would be a cool honeycomb pattern which I was too lazy to actually look up so I just started stitching, sure that I had it right.

And now I hate it.  It looks ridiculous.  The honeycomb pattern is all wrong and it looks like weird slitted fabric.  The garter stitch bottom was not a good idea because the bag sags and all I can see is the garter stitch stripe at the bottom.  AND, I haven’t even reached the pocket insertion point so I haven’BagFail2t even gotten to try out the technique this whole bag was about.


Oh well.  I learned how not to make a knitted bag.  And, they all can’t be winners.

fluerbagI still love my knitted/felted bag that I improvised a couple of years ago. I carry it around with me when I’ve got small knitting projects, like socks.  It gives me the false confidence to plunge ahead on projects without much preparation or planning.  🙂

13 thoughts on “Bag Fail”

  1. I hate the epic knitting fail! I’ve been there myself but better to know it now than after you finish it. Meanwhile, your felted “on the fly” bag is beautiful!!


    1. Yeah, epic failure is a natural part of knitting- even with careful swatching it’s sometime unavoidable. I don’t mind a failed project every now and again but the times when everything I knit is a disaster I start to get really frustrated.


  2. I think the slitted fabric looks really cool! It’s different, and not something you see often. Keep in mind that the garter stitch bottom is gonna look totally different once the bag is upright and full of great projects. I think it’s worth a shot to finish, even if it’s not totally what you were looking for. It could be one of those happy accidents! 🙂


  3. I just knit a giant red jumper ugh! The neck hole was as wide as a hula hoop. It was almost a house cozy. Bad knitting!


    1. Oh no! It’s crushing when so much work goes into a project and it’s a fail! Perhaps you have super humungous relative that would love a hand-knitted top? 🙂


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