BlondeCityTweed1This sweater is going to evolve by the seat of my pants.  There’s not much of a plan yet except for bottom up, in the round with raglan decrease.  And, the intended wearer of this garment is me, so I’m using my own measurements.

Before I started, I did knit up a swatch with a cable panel and some stockinette to get an idea of gauge, so I’m not shooting completely in the dark.  Based on past sweater failures, I’m not totally confident in a stellar outcome.  However, some of my favorite projects were made without a pattern and just a vague idea of where I was headed…

7 thoughts on “City Tweed Sweater Plans

  1. I recently completed a vest sans pattern. Although I did refer to a pattern for a guideline on shaping the armholes. It isn’t “perfect” but I think I like it even more that way! Thanks for visiting my blog today…I’m glad I now know about YOUR amazing blog!


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