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Double Knitting is Twice as Much Knitting

AlmostDoneBirdsThere are several hours of knitting left on my birdie scarf and I now understand the process of double knitting fairly well- basically, you knit twice as many stitches as regular knitting for the same square inches of fabric but in a slow and laborious fashion.

The positives of double knitting include a completely reversible fabric- which is an awesome benefit when knitting a scarf.  And, the thick squishy fabric will be perfect for subzero temperatures.  I don’t think I love the process of double knitting as much as regular knitting but it’s nice to have this new skill in my knitting  toolbox.

It’s looking like the planned design will produce an abnormally long scarf so I think 3 or more birds will be omitted.


9 thoughts on “Double Knitting is Twice as Much Knitting”

  1. Q – Hubs and I are birdwatchers! With our unseasonably cold weather here in San Diego this is just what we need when we go out. Great scarf!


  2. I have also just realised that double knitting is twice as much knitting, and takes at least 3 times longer! I started my first double knitting scarf in november for a christmas present, but it still isn’t finished, I do love it though!x


    1. I learned from videos on youtube. Lots of talented knitters have uploaded tutorials. I’ve learned almost all my knitting skills from videos on the internet. 🙂


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