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Top Down Set In Sleeves with Shoulder Shaping?

I’ve been reading online a lot about top down sweater construction with set in sleeves.  The classic tailored look of set in sleeves is what keeps me piecing my sweaters together.  However, seaming is my least favorite part of producing a sweater.  And the bulk of the two seams coming together in the armpit is so unappealing!Image

So far, not a single top-down set-in sleeve construction method that I’ve stumbled across has included shoulder shaping so I wanted to give it a try.  Beginning with a provisional cast on, I knitted down the back using short rows to create the shoulder shaping.  Then down the front again using short rows to create the shaping.

What I found was that without the seam line- the short row shaping looks really odd and sloppy.  Not at all the tailored look that I love.  So, now I see why the other methods omitted the shoulder shaping, unless I’m missing something?

I’m ripping out this experiment and going back to the provisional cast on and knitting down the front and back without the short rows.  About 1/3 of the way down, I’m going to pick up the side stitches for the sleeves and then keep going in the round.  Image

Moving away from patterns and working things out for myself has required a lot of preparation, planning as well as trial and error.  It’s become plain why designers charge money for their patterns.  It’s not an easy feat to come up with something new let alone grade it across different sizes.  My hat is off to them.

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