ImageLet me introduce myself. My name is Andre and I am addicted to knitting.  My blocking mat is a permanent fixture on our living room floor and you can usually find one of my two cats taking a nap on top of a damp sweater piece.

Socks were my first knitting obsession.  Over 40 pairs were produced the first year.  Mittens, gloves and scarves were next.  It took around a year and a half before I took the plunge into sweaters.

Sweater knitting has been challenging but it wasn’t until I started knitting sweaters that it all *clicked*.  For example, the different fibers give a different drape and sheen.  And, stitches are wider than they are tall so you can’t pick up every stitch around the neck without changing its shape.  Seaming a sweater is like learning a whole new skill set.   Button holes, hems, waist shaping, etc. all have their own rules and tricks.

There’s a special shelf in my closet that holds many sweaters that will never be worn out in public.  Usually, it wasn’t the fault of the pattern but a fault of mine – skipping the swatching, using a substitute yarn that didn’t work out, or making my own modifications without really thinking it through.

Once an engineering major, knitting provides just enough math mixed with art to be infinitely interesting.  The repetitive motion of knitting has a cadence that I find serene.  It’s an artistic outlet, a daily meditation and an intellectual challenge at times.  A highly obsessive pursuit that produces tangible rewards- the beautiful knitted item.

Having gotten down the basics of knitting, I’m starting to work out my own projects and plans.  Sweaters, mittens, scarves, Fair Isle, cables, plain stockinette… I love it all!  This blog is a place to record my knitting efforts and share the successful patterns with others.


18 thoughts on “Introductions”

  1. Hi Andre, I really like the way you describe what knitting means to you – I totally feel the same way. I love that it is so productive (in italics): you have all this enjoyable knitting and on top of that, you get something you love or something that the beneficiary of all your hard work will (hopefully) love. Thanks for liking my blog post, I consider it a compliment!


  2. Andre, I thought you blog was quit interesting and I decided to follow you. You seem to enter a project just like I do with a thought of what I want, then strick out with a base plan while waiting for the fabric to speak how it wants to be made up. I believe I will enjoy following you.


  3. I’m glad you clicked on one of my blog entries. I like what you’re doing here and am inspired – I’d like to work out some of my own patterns and share them with others! 🙂 Great work!


    1. You have a gorgeous blog. Love the photography!

      Thanks for your comment! My favorite part about sharing my work online is the feedback from other knitters. They help me solve problems and improve my knitting skills. I highly recommend it! 🙂


  4. Hi Andresue,
    This is a wonderful blog. A knitting set was a Christmas present last year. I have started knitting a scarf from this January, and I am addicted. I love your creations. I am far behind but will follow your foot steps. 🙂 And thank you for liking my blog!


    1. Thank you! And, your knitting is amazing especially for such a short time!

      It’s funny how addictive knitting can be. I’m looking forward to seeing your future projects!!


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