Gradient Yarns and the Long Short Row

Purchasing yarn in sweater quantities just because it’s on sale is a habit of mine.  In a frenzy of Black Friday shopping, I purchased some graduated color change yarn (Chroma) from Knit Picks.  The question is: what to do with it?  Unending rows of horizontal stripes aren’t the most flattering optical illusion for my short and ample torso.  Also, because the body of a sweater is wider than the sleeves, the arms stripes never match the height of the body stripes.Image

A side to side sweater is one obvious solution because the stripes become vertical.  However, there are many horror stories about side sweaters becoming very narrow and long over time due to the sideways stitches.  I’ve never tried one myself over the fear or losing all that work to gravity.

The solution that I’ve decided to try out this week is a single long diagonal line down the middle of the sweater created by using short rows.  My hope is that it will disturb the horizontal lines enough to scramble the widening optical illusion.  Also, the short rows create wide and narrow stripes on the body of the sweater to better coordinate with the stripes on the sleeves.Image

The plan is a raglan sleeve with a scoop neck in front.  If there isn’t enough yarn, the plan is a 3/4 sleeve.

As always, I’ve double checked my numbers then triple checked them but the fear that the sweater won’t come together properly is always in the back of my mind.

The back is complete and the front of the sweater is on my needles.  Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Gradient Yarns and the Long Short Row”

  1. I do wish you luck! Andre you are one of the most talented knitters I know! I like reading about your thought process as you go about deciding how to create your next project! This and the bear claw shrug seem like they will be marvelous! Bonne chance!


    1. Thanks so much Jen! I really enjoy having a place to keep a journal of my knitting endeavors and it’s awesome to have a community of fellow knitters to share this with. 🙂


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